Community Outreach & HIV Awareness

Lack of employment and accessibility to education is a large cause of poverty in the Knysna area, and this initiative aims to target these areas, providing opportunities to improve various aspects of daily life, including health, diet and basic education for children and adults.Volunteers gain insight into empowerment projects in Africa as well as providing locals with various opportunities to better their lives. You can make a difference in the fight against poverty.

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Joining this programme means you'll be part of the following volunteer projects:

Recycling Swop Shop

Through the Swop Shop our volunteers provide an opportunity for children to gain an understanding of the value of working for goods through a recycling exchange incentive scheme. Local children of 18 years and under exchange recyclable materials for tokens with which they "buy" donated items such as clothes & toiletries.

Volunteers assist in the running of the shop; data entry relating to the project; and marketing of the project.

Food Security

Aimed at educating the community about healthy nutrition and growing their own food source

Volunteers help with planting vegetables; harvesting of vegetables; maintenance of gardens; assisting with nutrition workshops; and assisting with the development of eco-friendly greenhouses.

Development of Educational Resources

Help develop fun and educational resources to assist with the education of local children. Many of the preschools do not have teaching resources and through this project volunteers have the opportunity to provide a new and fun way for children to learn!

Community Survey

Help us ensure that our projects are focusing on areas in the community that matter most to the people who live there. Volunteers will use this survey to start a conversation with people about what changes they would like to see in their community.

TB Screening

Provide members of the local community with an easily accesible service by offering a door to door TB screening service. Volunteers help by conducting a questionnaire in the township and hand out referral letters where required.

HIV/AIDS & TB Workshops

Fighting the HIV epidemic by increasing peoples' awareness and knowledge of HIV/AIDS virus and Tuberculosis which is often the biggest threat to HIV patients.

Volunteers assist with workshops and facilitating discussions involved in workshops; as well as further development of workshops.

Homework Club

Provide educational support by assisting local children with their homework assignments, while ensuring that they gain a better understanding of the material.

Adult Literacy

Provide an opportunity for adults in the local community to improve their English Language skills.
Many adults in South Africa have had limited opportunities to gain an education and therefore English Literacy is often poor. Nowadays it is often vital to be proficient in English in order to secure employment. Volunteers assist with the facilitation of weekly classes and the development of educational materials.

Art Club

Many local children do not have the opportunity to take part in art classes. By assisting with our Art Club you give local children the chance to develop their creative skills and learn new techniques and methods in a fun inspiring environment!

Support Groups

Through our various community-based support groups we are able to provide teenage girls and boys with an opportunity to discuss some of the issues they face in their lives and to develop the confidence and the skills required to make informed and positive decision in their lives. We also provide a platform for pregnant women and new mothers to discuss everyday problems that they encounter; and also provide these women with relevant health information. Volunteers assist with the facilitation of these groups as well as with sourcing relevant information.

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, South Africa


Knysna is based in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa. Stunning views, impressive mountain passes, lush green forests and white sandy beaches.

Knysna itself is nestled on the shores of the Knysna estuary - or Knysna Lagoon, as it is more commonly know. It's the most biologically diverse estuary in South Africa and home to the Knysna Seahorse, the most threatened seahorse species in the world. Knysna is also an avenue to the Tsitsikamma Forest, which stretches from just west of George to the Tsitsikamma River near Humansdorp. This indigenous forest is home to numerous fauna and flora. The forest also houses the worlds's most southerly elephants. Sadly, with only a handful of elephants left, the forset elephants are rapidly becoming part of Knysna's history, rather that Knysna's nature.


Here is an outline of what a week on this programme may include, subject to change.
SundayFree DayFree Day
MondayFood SecuritySupport Group
TuesdayAdult LiteracyHIV Workshop
WednesdayTB ScreeningSwop Shop
ThursdayFood SecurityHomework Club
FridaySocial SurveyCultural Activity


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6 weeks$2,795£1,785R25,985
8 weeks$3,695£2,375R34,975
+1 week$450£295R4,495

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